Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Court, New Jester

Eight months?
Eight months? Really?

The stage is empty for eight months.

That is truly a pathetic showing-- or non-showing, I guess-- even for the regularly irregular jester.

My apologies to the court.

The UU-Jester has been a bit busy, what with being voted out of the castle and all.
But, have no fear. Like any good jester, like all the traditional tricksters, I have landed on my feet in a place where I really wanted to be.

A month ago, after being called with a 100% positive vote, I started as the solo minister at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta, New York. Big switch in so many ways.

The air is cleaner here. There are trees everywhere. There are rolling hills (foothills to the mountains) and winding roads. Best of all, there are friendly folks here. Very friendly, folks. It may be too soon to tell, and perhaps I've fallen on my head when I landed here, but so far-- I like it here. I like it better than almost anywhere else I've been.

Which makes the jester bells ring a little bolder, the jester colors shine a little brighter, and, I think, the UU-Jester post a bit more often.

(I've got a backlog of sermons supplements to get to... so keep your eyes on this space.)

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pecenco said...

Leah and I were similarly surprised how much we liked it here when we moved. Glad to have you as our minister and neighbor.