Monday, September 10, 2007

Unplanned Absence

The few regular readers I have out there were probably not surprised by my recent absence. I'm not as regular a poster as I'd like to be or as I ought to be.

But this time, the absence wasn't by choice.

It was imposed on me by Blogger powers that be.
For some reason, they identified this blog as a "spam site".
(Must have been the unusual levels of activity....)

Anyway, after a month and repeated requests-- UU-Jester has been found innocent of said charges and is back on-line.

Now, I've got half a dozen posts to catch up on.


Anonymous said...

So Craig, where are you now? It is the end of April 2008. I trust you are doing well. I am fine here in Mississippi.

UU Jester said...

I'm back. Things were a tad busy in May and June.